Patent Search
We do prior art search for the patents to check for Novelty. This enables the patenting process to be completed with fewer complications. Before commencement of research it is helpful to ascertain if the subject matter of research is already available in public domain. We help the researchers in this regard and also to identify the gaps in their existing field of research and inventions made so far. Once the invention is found to be novel we help the inventor in drafting the patent completely and procedures there of.

Trade Mark Search
The Trade Mark registry maintains a database for all the Trade Marks filed. Before using or applying for registration of a Trade Mark a search in that database in necessary if the mark is ‘proposed to be used’. This eliminates the risk of adopting a mark that has already been applied for or in use prior in point of time.

Design Search
For registration of a design, search has to be made to check for the novelty and originality of the design with respect to the goods of any kind. The search has to be made in the Register of Designs, maintained by the Indian patent office.

Geographical indixation Search
GI can be filed only by a group of persons from the geographical origin of the goods concerned. A prior search for GI is required to confirm the same GI is not registered in the registry already. If registered the interested persons from the same place can the join the previously registered goods.