Trade Mark Rectification
Applications for rectifications based on ss. 47 and 57 may be made either to the Registrar or to the Appellate Board. Application for rectification of the register in respect of any registered trade mark may be made by an aggrieved person in the prescribed manner. It will be proceeded with in accordance with the rules framed for the purpose.

Under section 59 of The Trade Marks Act, 1999 the registrar on requisition by the registered proprietor may add to or alter the trade mark in any manner not substantially affecting the identity thereof.

If the Trade Mark registered is wrongly remaining in the register or by any error can be rectified by filing the form TM-26, raising objections under sections 9, 11, 18 and 47.

An application to the Registrar under section 47, 57, 68 or 77 of The Trade Marks Act, 1999 for the making, expunging or varying of any entry relating to a trade mark or a collective mark or certification trade mark shall be made in the registry by filing the formTM-26 or TM-43. If however there are disputed issues with respect to the trademark sought to be rectified then the and there is a suit pending between the parties Section 125 provides that the Rectification Application under Section 57 will lie only before the Intellectual Property Appellate Board.

Geographical indixation Rectifixation
An application to the registrar under section 27 of The Geographical Indications of Goods Act, 1999 can be made for canceling, expunging or varying of any entry relating to a geographical indication. Any alteration in the address can be made by filing the form GI-5 to the registrar.

An application can be made under section 28 for the alteration of the register by correction, change, cancellation or striking out of goods for the entry of a memorandum in the register.

Under the section 29, form GI - 9 can be filed by the registered proprietor to the Registrar to add to or alter the registered geographical indication.
Copyright Rectification
Under section 50 of the Copyright Act 1957, the copyright board on application of the Registrar of copyright or of any person aggrieved, shall order the rectification of the register of the copyrights by
  1. The making of any entry wrongly omitted to be made in the register
  2. The expunging of any entry wrongly made in or remaining on, the register, or
  3. The correction of any error or defect in the register

Cancellation of Design Registration
Under section 19 of Designs Act 2000, any person interested may present a petition for the cancellation of the registration of the design at any time after the registration of the design, to the controller on any of the following grounds namely,
  1. That the design has been previously registered in India or
  2. That it has been published in India or any other country prior to the date of registration or
  3. That the design is not a new or original design or
  4. That the design is not registrable under this act or
  5. That it is not a design as defined under section 2 (d)

A registered Geographical indication shall not be the subject matter of assignment, transmission, licensing, pledge, mortgage or any such other agreement. But on the death of an authorised user his right in a GI shall devolve on his successor in title under the law for the time being in force.
  1. A person interested to become an authorised user of a GI should apply in Form GI-3 A and the same is advertised in the GI journal for Opposition to enter into the register as authorised user under section 17 and rule 56 (1).
  2. If there is no Opposition the Registrar shall enter the Applicant as the authorised user of the Registered GI.